WCFG endorses online lenders and their services because lending to the world's undervalued consumers stabilizes and expands economies. They are ones who more often capitalize on small investments and can bring themselves out of debt.

Online Consumer Lending Resources

Along with the rise of the online lending industry, educational websites are popping up that assist borrowers with useful guides and information that explain all of the financial opportunities available to them. Online lending is a flexible and convenient tool used worldwide by consumers. When small business owners need to build or expand their business, Business USA compiles and organizes business finance guides and funding opportunities into a simple and comprehensive list. There are also entities that cater exclusively to military members and their families to make it easier for them to understand what lending services are available. National Defense Financial explains complicated military lending laws that protect active duty military personnel. Also, Military Financial Directory helps active duty military members, reservists, veterans, and their dependents find financial connections for personal and business purposes. If you fall into either one of the borrower types discussed above, we recommend looking into these resources to gain more insight into your options.

Online consumers should be informed of all available financial services and consumer protection laws before applying for a loan over the internet. Being more financially aware can save borrowers money on interest rates and help them get fair loan terms.

Consumer Lending