Bringing Economic Freedom to All Nations

The World Council For Growth believes economic growth is achieved by reducing government involvement and supporting pro-business legislation, because economic freedom produces prosperous societies.

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Welcome to the World Council For Growth

Today, the World Council For Growth considers rulings and regulations that would hinder individual financial freedoms to be short sighted. Widely praised as upholding and advancing the world's standard for free-enterprise, the WCFG was founded to identify core values and policies that encourage economic growth. In order to solve financial crises that plague both poor and rich nations, we must encourage large corporations and governments to reverse any practices or actions that would restrict open business. We envision a worldwide network within participating countries connected by WCFG's main mission to stimulate economic growth through participation in policy-making groups and by conserving special interest groups. Together, the WCFG and its partners hope to open up the market to more participants.

Coordinating Economic Development Efforts with Global Agencies

Upholding free market standards on an international scale lets more individuals come into a healthy global economy. For instance, lessening taxes on exports lets business owners sell their products to more areas without paying a hefty fee on top of other costs.

Our coordinated efforts showed that societies who have welcomed influence and involvement from WCFG had a more free flowing, pro-growth economic environment.